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Digital Innovation Forum (DIF) 2018 is a 2-day, high-profile event held in Taipei that includes 8 highly insightful keynote presentations and 7 exclusive panel discussions. The Forum’s 3 themes are outlined below.


●  Disruption: The Impacts of Digitalization on Everyday Life

From smartphones to precision manufacturing equipments, digital products pervade our lives -- drastically changing the way we perceive the world, complicating our relationship with machines, and igniting the disrupted future trends of digitalization.

Disruption needs constant changing, which is an important element in progressive societies, with technology serving as a primary driver of change. With more advanced technology, companies develop more applications and more products, which expand and deepen markets. Taking just one sector as an example, according to Digi-Capital, the augmented/ virtual reality sector is expected to grow 10 fold by 2021.

It is certain that everyday life a decade from now will be very different from today. The only question is -- will you seize this disruption or will the disruption seize you?

●  Opportunity – Resolving the Barriers to Advancing Technology

The pace of modern technology development and innovation is astounding. However, bottlenecks almost always stand in the way of transforming technology breakthroughs into practical applications that improve our world.

Most of us are accustomed to regularly hearing news of a new high-tech breakthrough in some field or another. However, society is rarely able to receive and implement these advances quickly. With humankind now at the brink of a more convenient and intelligent future, replete with autonomous vehicles and smart, connected devices, we are still weighed down by the myriad of issues involved in bridging these new technologies into our applied reality. Therefore, this is the best time for the greatest entrepreneurs to seize opportunities.

How will the future look like? This is a question that we would all eager to answer.

●  Transformation - Envisaging Future Social Digitalization

Digitalization gives us a brave new world, not only the physical borders are conceptually blurred, the bound between human societies also turn vague.

The potential for new digitalization applications is virtually endless; allows healthcare professionals to deliver digital medical care; facilitates worldwide travel via digital tourism; lets you pay in digital currency instead of banknotes; and even opens the door to innumerable adventures on a limitless number of virtual digital landscapes. The future world may become so decentralized that everyone is able to live in their own virtual ‘dimension’ while remaining connected to ‘brick-and-mortar’ reality.

Of course, governing such a digitalized world would be concurrently challenging and exciting. Is humankind ready yet?